What to do if your weight is constantly fluctuating?


I am a 25-year-old woman. My weight will change much even though I hardly eat out and follow a strict diet. I also exercise each and every day, but I still tend to pack a lot of pounds. What should I do?

sample weight loss diet program by specialist dietitian.  

Work out for fitness, not weight loss: And the more healthy and fit you feel the more inspired you'll be to eat well and exercise to maintain your weight. So, rather than working out simply to shed some kilos, have a larger goal such as completing a marathon or having the ability to pull on a 10kg kettlebell. Do not hit the gym simply because you would like to drop weight as that only reason is not going to help keep you motivated enough to work out regularly.

Power train: Strength training is also quite crucial for sustaining weight loss. This is because, even after you workout at the gym, your body still burn fat as the muscle tissues begin repairing and recovering to reconstruct themselves throughout this period. Here would be the 5 best strength training workout for weight loss.  

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