Can Thrift Store Clothing Give You Scabies?

Can Thrift Store Clothing Give You Scabies?

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If the biggest thing you worry about when you’re vintage shopping is getting gouged on an ironic T-shirt, don’t worry. You can now worry about getting scabies.

According to Health magazine medical editor Dr. Roshini Raj, these eight-legged mites like to hibernate in secondhand threads. So if you start finding blisters or just itch like crazy, your clothes might be infested with these tiny pests. However Dr. Raj has a few tips that’ll make sure you can enjoy that cute 1960s shift dress or 1940s A-line skirt.

First, we should carefully choose where we shop; the local Salvation Army or your elderly neighbor’s garage sale might be something worth skipping. But if you still want to peruse those racks or boxes, you can kill off these bugs by keeping them in a plastic bag for two weeks to starve them to death, then wash them thoroughly or take the clothing to the dry cleaners before wearing.

Sadly, Dr. Raj did not explain how to convince your friend that you got scabies from a cute 1960s jumper and not a drummer named Greg.

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Can Thrift Store Clothing Give You Scabies?

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