Irish Accent Voted World’s Sexiest

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If there’s something about the Irish brogue that can make even “Three McGriddles, please” sound sexy to you, you’re not alone — the Irish accent has been voted the sexiest in the world, knocking France from the high horse it’s been riding on for decades. Sacré bleu!

The data came from a worldwide poll of 5,000 women and found that after Irish, the Italian accent was second sexiest. (It could be the only reason women might find Roberto Benigni attractive.)

Coming in at third was the Scottish accent, because women apparently enjoy having no idea what a man is saying to them, or else they thought Scrooge McDuck was waaaay sexy growing up. A more plausible theory is that women want to pretend they’re being bedded by movie stud and Scotsman Gerard Butler.

Following the Scots were the French, Australian, English, Swedish, Spanish, Welsh, and American accents in that order.

Be wary of these foreign-sounding men – six out of 10 women polled admitted to being seduced by a man purely because of his accent, and there’s nothing more embarrassing than admitting a guy’s pick-up line was “You’re standing on my foot,” or “They’re always after me Lucky Charms!”

Tell us: What accent curls your toes? Is there one you find totally repulsive?

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Irish Accent Voted World’s Sexiest

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