Look & Feel Good Through the Power of Choice


Be aware… losing weight, being fit and healthy, and feeling good about how you look and feel is a choice. By the same token, feeling badly about yourself and what you’re eating, and how you’re not taking good care of yourself is also a choice. So, given the choice, which do you choose? Wouldn't you choose to feel good?

We all know that diets don’t work. Since dieting is not a viable choice, there is another choice to be made here… the choice to let go of dieting in favor of reconnecting with your body, mind and spirit. The choice to truly feel good.

Look & Feel Good Through the Power of Choice

Look & Feel Good Through the Power of Choice

There is no way to make the external changes of a better feeling, looking and functioning body without making the internal changes, that is, what you believe about yourself and your situation. This, of course, is a journey, not an event. It requires a significant investment of your time and energy, a personal support system, and a commitment to yourself and to the process. There are no shortcuts. HOWEVER, the PAYOFF CAN BE LIFE CHANGING.

Sometimes this is what holds us back. We may think, well, if I really DID lose the weight and really LOVED how I look and feel, what else would change in my life? Would I still want to do the work I’m doing? Would I still want to be in the relationships I’m in? Change can have a cascading effect. Are we ready for that cascade of change, is often the bigger question.

If you ARE ready to make external AND internal changes, keep reading. Below are 6 tips for harnessing the power of choice to WORK for YOU:

  1. Declare your choice in yourself and to the Universe deeply and often, when you make the choice, for example, to eat more mindfully.
  2. Write your declarations in “I choose” statements. For example, “I choose to let go of my cravings for sweets in the evening.” There is power in these words because they contribute to the programming of your subconscious, which is crucial in making any behavioral change.
  3. Permeate your statements with how you would like to FEEL during the change process… for example, tack onto the end of your statement “…with joy and ease.”
  4. Journal one or two paragraphs for each of your “I choose” statements. Notice what feelings come up for you. Do you feel any fear? If so, know that you are not alone. Most of us feel fear upon embarking on a bold, new declaration for change. It’s natural, and important to acknowledge the fear. Just make sure it doesn’t stop you from moving forward.
  5. Take each “I choose” statement into meditation. Here is the fun part. Get quiet and still. Use your imagination to picture your statement already having manifested. Feel the positive expectation in your entire body. This is what athletes and other high achievers do. The mind doesn’t know the difference between a vision that you see in front of the eyes or behind them.
  6. Repeat often. Enough said.
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So yes, choice is a powerful force for change. And like everything, it comes with its price. It requires you to remember that you always have a choice in every situation, in every moment. It requires you to step up, name what it is you desire, and claim it. It requires you to practice, practice, and practice. The prize? The satisfaction and empowerment of living life on YOUR terms.



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