Carrie Bickmore’s Women’s Health cover: How did she get those abs?


Despite lots of folks thinking the shot was changed, the celebrity and magazine insist differently.

The Job host and mum-of-two showed off her incredible figure in the characteristic, and also her rock hard abs had many questioning whether the pictures were changed.

100 percent genuine. Image: James Geer/Women's Health Source: Supplied

Nope, no airbrushing here

Even with tongues wagging, Women's Health editor Jacqui Mooney that the popular TV host has not been photoshopped at all, and her abs are 100 percent genuine.

"There have been no adjustments to Carrie's body with this month's cover of Women's Health," she revealed.

"And seeing her in person in the cover shoot at Melbourne, I can frankly tell you she seems that this amazing in real life ."

Looking good, mama. Carrie walks the red carpet at this year's Logies. Image: NewsCorp 

It all comes down to hard Labour

While we all want to believe there's an easy solution, Carrie admits her svelte bod following two kids is  out of exercising five times a week and sticking to a nutritious diet.

"I walk, I operate and on the weekend I do a pilates class. I've just started CrossFit, also, that was fun," the 36-year-old told the book.

"I like the high intensity. I am not good at things which are too slow. I've discovered a KX pilates studio, that uses weights, therefore it's fast," she explained.

carrie-womens-health1Carrie reveals she attempts to exercise five times per week to keep in shape. Image: James Geer/Women's Health Source: Supplied

But just like every working parent, Carrie says there are months where she can't find the time to scratch her butt, let alone exercise. And you know what? She's totally fine with that.

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"A few weeks I receive five workouts in, some just three. But I am very comfortable about it and also my weeks are fairly active regardless of what I am doing."



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