BLECH! Mom, 45, Dates Her Son’s Best Friend

BLECH! Mom, 45, Dates Her Son’s Best Friend

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Would you let your mom date your BFF?! That’s the question Oli Lyndale, 26, had to ask when his mom, India, 45, began dating his best friend Theo, 27. The story unspooled in a sordid tell-all in the predictably salacious Daily Mail.

At first, Theo and India’s relationship made Oli uncomfortably numb. As he told the paper, “Although I have known Theo since we were around 14 and I know he’s a trustworthy man, it was very difficult to ­’welcome’ him as Mum’s boyfriend.”

India and Theo at first kept their relationship a secret. But, as she told the Mail, when she first thought of Theo in a romantic way, “… Theo was barely 20 and I was old enough to be his mother, so had anyone suggested that this was the prelude to the greatest love affair of my life I would have thought they were insane.”

Seven years later, the couple is still going strong, and Oli has come to accept the relationship.

Umm … no. Just, no. These are the people who probably know you better than anyone else in the world, albeit in different ways, and now they’re together. But we ask you, dear readers: How would you feel if your best friend started dating your mom or dad?

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BLECH! Mom, 45, Dates Her Son’s Best Friend

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